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What is the difference between Psychiatry and Counseling/Therapy?


Psychiatry is the behavioral health specialty in medicine and nursing and is focused on medical treatments in serving patients; this work is done by our nurse practitioners who can assess and prescribe medication as needed. After the first assessment appointment, sessions with our nurse practitioners are usually only about 10 to 15 minutes long and focus medication adjustments and monitoring. Counseling and/or Psychotherapy is the process of meeting regularly with a therapist to explore and problem-solve emotional and relationship issues. Therapy is done by professionals with a variety of credentials, including professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, psychologists, or other qualified clinicians. Regular sessions with our counselors/therapists last 45 to 50 minutes.

Do you take Insurance?


Our psychiatry/medication management clinicians are in-network providers for several insurance plans, including Aetna, Cigna, Medicare, Optum, TriWest, United Healthcare, and others. Call us at 865-588-1718 if you have questions about your insurance for medication management. 

All of our counselors/therapists are out-of-network with insurance companies, but we can provide you with easy-to-submit documents to send to your insurance company to get reimbursed for your therapy based on your out-of-network benefits, Also, all of our counselors/therapists have scholarship-rated spots for those who need financial assistance to be able to engage in regular therapy.

What does "In-network" vs. "Out-of-network" mean when talking about Insurance?

When you see a provider who is "in-network" with your health insurance plan, it means your insurance company has contracted with that provider and you are often responsible for just a co-pay, but this can vary based on your insurance company and/or your specific health plan. If your insurance company has not contracted with the provider you are seeing, we can still typically file with your insurance though your reimbursement is often subject to a deductible, this is "out-of-network" insurance filing. Particularly in mental health, insurance companies will limit how many providers they will contract within a certain area, as well as limit how much they will pay the provider for mental health services and determine which services they will pay for and for how long. This makes it difficult for many providers to be "in-network" though we still want to do it we can so our patients can get the most out of their insurance coverage with "out-of-network" filing.


What is the cost of Services without Insurance?

When meeting with one of our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, the cost is $175 for an initial assessment, with $75 for follow-up sessions. Our counselors/therapists rates vary based their experience and level of expertise, you can find their session rates on their different profile pages. Though note that all of our counselors/therapists have a certain number of scholarship-rated spots to provide financial assistance.

Can Haven send me a bill me for services?

All payments and/or co-pays are due at the time of service and we do not bill for payment at a later date. However, we are able to process credit cards remotely and set up reoccurring payments after we take the initial information.

Is Haven a Christian practice?

We are a practice that is built on the Christian desire to care for our neighbors and to be a light in our community. We want people of faith to know that this is a safe place for them to incorporate their spiritual beliefs in their work with us. However, we welcome all people with whatever belief or unbelief they have and we want you to know that we will be respectful of the values and questions you bring.

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